Redshift playground

In this section of the blog I will be posting my tests and experiments with the GPU renderer Redshift. An incredibly fast engine. All tests and times will correspond to my workstation which specs are as follows: Single GTX 1080, AMD FX 8350 Black Edition. 32 GB DDR3 2400 MHz. Mother Asus Crosshair V Formula Z. Solid State Drive.

First post will be this bathroom. 21 min at 2000px on the longer edge. Unified sampling was used for AA (min samples 4 max samples 32 noise threshold 0,003) and the rest sampled by object. On two GPUs which I usually render, time is more or less half of this result but for this tests I will only use one to have an easier and comparable benchmark to a wider ranger of users. GI method used was irradiance point cloud and irradiance cache at their defaults. Scene is completly lit by ten physical lights. Another importart milestone for this scene is that no single photo texture was used and everything was created in Substance Designer and Painter and rendered with Redshift material and metallic/roughness workflow. Intention is to have the scene linearly translated to Unreal Engine 4 and compare results, will post them here when ready.

I usually rendered my images with Corona Render which is a great unbiased CPU renderer but obviously render times are in no way comparable. For this scene in Corona without denoising, to have a fairly usuable result on the same resolution, rendering took one hour. You can reduce that time to 40 min or even 30 min with denoising but texture detail will be lost. In any case that is nowhere near the 13 min this took on two GPUs or even 21 on a single GPU.



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